Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Truckers for Ron Paul and More Ron Paul Friends

Ron Paul's many friends can be found online. i found some new ones at: - a MySpace®-style site for Ron Paul supporters! Visit our page under the name Truckers4RonPaul - the Meetup Group responsible for the DVD we give away. - a ranking site for Ron Paul sites all over the Web. - a site where Republicans who support Ron Paul can get together. - site where the Warrior Granny and her friends chronicle their exploits in getting the word out about RP! - is a site dedicated to redheaded people who support Dr. Paul! - great Ron Paul site with all things Ron! - the Ron Paul blimp! - free downloads of many, many Ron Paul DVDs! Awesome! - Pledge your primary vote for Ron Paul. - Ron Paul + Google = ronpoogle! Set this as your new home page! - Ron Paul Radio: several podcasts and radio shows, all about Ron Paul! - blog site about Ron Paul. - The Ron Paul Street Team is a site with lots of Ron Paul action items you can do! - The Ron Paul Yellow Pages: find businesses that support Ron Paul!

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