Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ron Paul: Democrat in Republican Clothing?

Ron Paul is a liberal's conservative. No tie-dye, no granola bars, no long hair, no John Lennon, no storming of the churches ala Jesse Jackson. This guy is a suit and tie liberal running vaguely as a Republican. For those of us who think the Democratic Party has been taken over by extremists like John Kerry, unwilling to negotiate with conservatives might find that Ron Paul is their man.

Wait. Paul is not a Democrat. That might be a problem, since getting out of the primaries will be tough against Mitt Romney, Giuliani and Fred Thompson.

A post today at Hillary Clinton for President wonders if Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton are the same candidate, when the key issues are boiled down. What, though, about Ron Paul, whose views reflect a sort of middle-ground liberalism, a sort of gentile Jesse Ventura with a Ross Perot business-sense? He looks presidential, much more than Hillary Clinton, and as much so Giuliani or Fred Thompson.

Ron Paul draws more praise from liberals
Baltimore Sun, United States - 17 hours ago

The umbrella group Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, whose members include such progressive groups as the Service Employees Union International and Political Action, issued a laudatory shout out today to Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, the libertarian Republican presidential candidate:

While Crowded Field of Republicans Follow Bush Over Cliff on Iraq War, Ron Paul Stands Out as Being Right on Iraq

GOP Presidential Hopeful Decries Fellow Candidates’ Support of Endless War

Washington, DC – While the rest of the Republicans continue to follow President Bush’s unpopular Iraq war policy, Representative Ron Paul is the lone anti-war Republican presidential candidate in the crowded GOP primary field. During yesterday’s debate he took his fellow Republicans to task for their support of President Bush’s policy of endless war in Iraq. While most of the candidates continued to saber rattle about Iran, the congressman refused to allow them to gloss over the most important issue facing Americans today.

Thus continue the striking paens to Paul coming from, of all places, liberals who would find themselves differing on a host of other, mainly but but not exclusively, domestic issues.

Paul, for instance, opposes many of the policies that are a given to many progressives. Obviously, there's a bit of the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my friend going on here.

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